Not everyone is lucky enough to have a roof over their heads and get proper food twice a day. There are millions of people from infants and kids to old people, starving every day. Where we demand iPhones and expensive clothes, their only demand is a two-time meal. Some try to earn by taking undignified jobs like cleaning sewers and some try unethical ways like stealing; just to stay alive and see another unfortunate day. This is the other side of the world we live in. But not all hope is lost. We can still help these unfortunate people and do good. Here’s how you can help the poor: –

  1. Money – This is the easiest way to help someone. Just hand over some money to the little kid begging to you. Help your local vendors or workers by lending them some money to start a small business. Nobody chooses to be poor. If we help them a little maybe they can improve their conditions.
  2. Food – How often do you throw away your leftover food because you were full? How often do you bring back your tiffin unfinished just because you ate in the canteen? This little food may mean nothing to you but it is everything to those unfortunate people. Do not waste your food.
  3. Clothes – We never wear a single shirt or trousers for more than a year or two. After that, we just shop again and replace those old clothes. But instead of throwing them in the garbage, we can give it to the less fortunate. Sure, after a while the clothes stop fitting us as we grow up. But these unfitting clothes can keep someone warm in winters because they live on the streets.
  4. Donate through NGOs – If you feel awkward or weird to provide help to the poor yourself, you can always take help from different NGOs. there are, many NGOs that allow us to reach the poor through websites or mobile apps. All you have to do is contact them and donate willingly.

When you give a biscuit or a piece of fruit to a kid who is wandering around begging for help starving from god knows how many days; it only takes him seconds to consume the food. That is how hungry they are. Watching them eat will only make you happy and proud. You probably saved his life. He will give you a blessing and something good will surely happen to you in the future. What goes around comes back around!!!