In this chaotic world, happiness is often elusive. Our mind is built in a way that we don’t get the feeling of happiness. Though we have moments of joy and periods of contentment and bliss, negative emotions often affect us. In simple we are just stuck with unnecessary issues. And so here are some secrets to having happiness and contentment in life.

1. Foster Positive Thinking: The first and most important thing is to filter your negative thoughts from positive ones. If not all day, try to begin by saying positive things for 5 minutes daily.

2. Value The Small Wins: Life is all about ups and downs, but in between, we have small wins, and rather than ignoring these, you must celebrate the small wins.

3. Mindfulness: Meditation works the best. Bring your attention to the present moment and accept how you are feeling. Mindfulness means being present, aware, and curious about things.

4. Balance: It is one of the crucial factors to have a happy life. You shouldn’t indulge in only work or home; learn to manage them with your active performance.

5. Imperfection And Creativity: Don’t hesitate to show your creativity in every sector of your life. And it is okay if your work is imperfect, as that is the first step to being better and best.

6. Do What You Love Or Enjoy: Rather than forcing yourself to do things that don’t make you happy. Do things that you love doing.