Making excuses is a natural aspect of everyone’s life. People make excuses for themselves from a particular task. When an individual feels bored or not interested or forgets to do the given task, they tend to make excuses.

But making excuses is not the solution to every problem. There are various other reasons why people make excuses.

Excuses are rationalizations we create ourselves about people, incidents, and situations. They are fake justifications we build to uphold our attitude, to postpone taking effort, or completely as a means of ignoring our duty. Excuses are primarily a way of placing the fault of an internal crisis on an external situation.

Here are the reasons why people make excuses

1. We doubt ourselves

When you are considering the idea of seeking your fondness, moving abroad, exploring a new course, or lifting up your enterprise, your excitement may direct you to do some exploration and look into what steps you can take to make it a reality.

But your excitement may unexpectedly get replaced with an internal voice full of suspicion. That may doubt whether you’ve got what it takes or it tells you that it’s impossible or difficult and before you have tried it. And you bring thoughts in your mind, such as you can’t do it, or it is impossible for you to do it. And you start making excuses.

2. We are scared

Attempting something new and coming out of our comfort zone can originally feel intimidating. But usually, underneath these impressions could be underlying suspicions such as experiencing failure, denial, making errors, or being judged by others. Often, conserving these beliefs can restrict you from moving forwards. And rather of adopting the unknown, you may avoid the uneasy feelings or use them as excuses to prevent facing the fear and doing it anyway.

3. We are not ready

When we intend to make a difference, feeling ready is the main factor that helps us to take action. Once you’ve aimed at the steps that you can take to move things along, leaping is important. We may not often be 100% prepared for everything, and we do have the alternative to learn as we go, but for some needing to create everything ‘perfect’ before getting began can cause them to hesitate and not move at all, which develops more excuses and can keep them feeling stuck in the process of ‘perfectionism.

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