Self-care is now accompanied by photos of the perfect lipstick hue or that new workout that activates cellulite. When did something as intimate and introspective as self-care become Instagram fodder? It has a lot to do with the uncertainty around the definition of self-care. This definition adequately summarises it. It is the discipline of actively protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, particularly during times of stress.

Here is how you can indulge in self care

1. Change your connection with food

Dieting is unhealthy for your heart and will not help you lose weight. Instead of splurging on expensive new superfoods and spending a fortune on fashionable diets, perhaps we owe it to ourselves to stop viewing food as an enemy and instead associate with it in a more nutritious and sustainable manner.

2. Rekindle a childhood hobby

Do you remember doing anything just for the sake of doing it, without concern of being judged or striving for perfection? Make use of that emotion more frequently, because adulting is difficult enough as it is.

3. Make a financial plan

Creating an emergency fund can help us feel less anxious about the future, while cutting back on frivolous lifestyle spending allows us to save for more important activities.

4. Take a break from social media

Despite the fact that we millennials are highly connected to social media, we’ve been dubbed “the loneliest generation.” Furthermore, reading through picture-perfect feeds makes us feel less than ideal, leading us to spend more money on goods we don’t need.

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