What brings you joy? According to a study of 2,000 adults conducted by DoubleTree, it is the simple things in life that make us happy. Do we ever get weary of thinking about happiness? Life is so much better when you can combine it with joy and thankfulness.

Here are few examples of how unexpected events can make you happy in life:

1. Grab and Hug Your favorite things

When you expect something and get the exact opposite, it feels pathetic, but what if things are unexpected and actually worth your happiness? Then don’t let them go – grab them and hug them. We sometimes disregard our modest joyful moments because we are greedy for something bigger.

2. Love and Stay Right Where You Are

It’s great to want to get somewhere in life, but ruining the present to get there without recognizing what it’s worth is a disaster. So, most of the time, we can’t stay in that area where we feel peace or happiness because we’re looking for something else or a place where we expect to be happy. Allow yourself to be joyful for the unexpected things that you never thought might satisfy your spirit so deeply.

3. Where Your Heart Goes, Happiness Follows

A time, place, event, or anything that holds your entire heart, i.e. where you feel happy, and it was completely unexpected. There are countless instances in which you should follow your heart, whether it is expected or unexpected. Instead of worrying about anything that will make you happy, do what you enjoy.

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