It’s a human tendency, we always try to find a source of happiness, or for advice, love, or approval. We always search for solutions to our problems with others. Relying on others for happiness seems like an easy task. But with actually make life more dependent on them, even the smallest happiness depends on their decision of happiness. You just be there like a puppet following the instructions of others and working your happiness accordingly.

You are a few tips to stop relying on others and believing in yourself and listening to what you want rather than what others want

  • Test on yourself

Check on yourself, look into yourself if you are emotionally dependent on anyone. Ask yourself if you are looking for a partner, or if you complain a lot

  • Search for happiness within

Instead of looking for happiness outside, you must always look for happiness within yourself. We should realize that the people won’t fill up our voids of life, we should do it by ourselves.

  • Get comfortable being with yourself

Find a comfort zone with yourself, sit back, and listen to your own thoughts and analyze your own problems, find the solution which suits you the best. When you get comfortable with yourself you do not need any other person to tell you otherwise.

  • Complain less

We usually complain a lot about our own problems and be so involved in complaining, that we spend less time finding the solution for life. So always try to complain less and be more productive with your life.

  • Stop being needy

Wants and needs are one of the things which destroy happiness. Look into your needs and check which needs are required and which aren’t.

  • Accept your responsibilities

Accept the fact that nobody bothers more than you, yourself. Be responsible for your own happiness and power. Accept that nobody is going to help you with your problems, you have to solve your problems all by yourself.

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