When you let your self-worth be defined by being dependent on your achievements and love of someone else, you’d be convinced that something might be wrong with you when you find yourself alone without those people.

The reasons why your expectations hold you back are because

  • You spend your time at home, just scrolling through your social media accounts and comparing yourself with that of others who seem to be having their life together.
  • Just watching Netflix and pretending that reality does not exist definitely doesn’t help.
  • You’d wake up feeling like crap if you retorted to alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.
  • Investing your time in thinking, analyzing and overthinking over and over a specific situation and cursing yourself will land you nowhere.
  • Being too hard on yourself for not being where you wanted to be or talking negatively about yourself, leads to feeling of worthlessness.
  • Jumping up in a relationship with the next person you meet, who is clearly not the right one for and hoping they’d help you fix yourself would lead to more drama and ugly break-ups.

Such things would make you think that you are helping yourself, but it just brings a momentary relief and you end up causing yourself more damage. Instead of resenting and fighting the reality, accept it. Stop judging yourself and the situation you are in. This would help you to let go of the hold you have over your expectations and help you to be present with whatever there is now.

When you exchange expectations for acceptance you’d achieve true success and happiness.

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