Happiness is the experience of joy, contentment, or positive well-being of one’s life which is good, meaningful, and worthwhile. Whether it’s an ancient world or the Modern world, everyone is trying their level best to be happy always. There are different ways and definitions of happiness.

Here we look at the definition of happiness in this modern world.

Happiness is seating in the window and listening to your favorite song. As music has the power to heal all your pain and filled with lots of pleasure and happiness.

In spite of having very bad memories of the past, try to smile. This will help you with your happiness. Is it possible to smile when things are not fine with you? One of my friends answered this question. He says I haven’t erased bad things but I don’t choose it to affect my present. In the modern world, lots of great facilities available in the gym and you can utilize it to your advantage. When you get bored and disturbed you can hit the gym and surely can find happiness.

To find happiness we need to concentrate on what is good for you. Immediately you have to change your mindset and go for ways that are helping you. Yoga is good for this. Nowadays lots of the latest yoga techniques available, which can be utilized for better results. Yoga is an energy booster, helps you to achieve something extraordinary, and can give you happiness.

Even writing gratitude letters, or journaling also makes us happier, in some cases for as long as several months after writing. There are tons of small things. Learn about as many of them as possible, and try to nurture as many “happiness habits” as possible throughout your life and you will find what a happy life is!

The happy fitting together of you and the phone gives you communication abilities you didn’t have before, and this gives you a joyful feeling. The phone has controls that fit your fingers, it has a microphone and speakers. If the phone used in a proper way it will surely give you happiness. Also, television and computers as well as internet facility, are adding to your joy. Suppose you are not cool, can go for meditation music or any kind of sports or spiritual songs. This is surely a pleasure and happiness.

True happiness is a  state of integrity and you can achieve this integrity through various ways in this modern world.

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