Theatre is a mode of performing arts that includes live performances by artists. The live show by the performer makes the audience mesmerized. In comparison watching theatre can be relaxing and can bring happiness. There are many ways theatre gives happiness.

Theatre gives us a chance to leave the world behind and spend some time in the world of storytelling. This makes us feel relaxed and uplifted. The world of the drama takes the audience to a different world leaving all the worries and chaos behind.

Theatre has the power to inspire the audience through the on-stage stories presentation. Irrespective of genre whether it is a story of true love, brotherhood, crime, or celebration of friendship the entertaining narratives keep the audience hooked in the scene. The live performance by artists and the way they perform struggle and success can give the viewers a new perspective toward a life filled with hope and inspiration.

They also provide a sense of community connection. Attending these performances together, viewers are able to connect and gather new experiences together. As sharing is caring that creates a sense of connection and leads us to a feeling of happiness.

Lastly, watching the theatre also helps in intellectual growth. Theatre drama makes users explore different themes, and ideas and challenge their thinking about the world.