Good food and a happy mood go hand in hand. This makes quite a nice sentence full of rhyming words. But that is not all, it also very much true. If you ever see someone sulking in sadness and look like they have lost all the hopes in their lives, try comforting them with their favourite food. Food is always the key to make anyone happy and this tip has never failed. For the very same reason, young boys offer chocolates to girls to apologize or improve their mood. This is why we cook or prepare the tastiest food items on occasions or celebrations to make it all extra special. When someone is very hungry, it also turns then red due do anger and makes them act out on the silliest things. This is another example of how food affects our state of mind.

Different people might have different types of dishes or food items that lift up their mood or even some food items might make them sad. If you are a fish lover, there are some special fishes that can help you reduce your depression. It improves your brain development and cell signalling. Chocolates are best known for their ability to improve anyone’s mood the moment they eat it. They are one of the tastiest sweet treats on earth. Fermented food like yoghurt or kimchi and improve your digestion system. This improves your health and keeps you happy in the long run. Bananas are said to be full of Vitamin B6 which helps in the production of serotonin and dopamine which are the happiness hormones. Also, fruits like mangos, grapes, berries and watermelons can decrease the levels of depression in a person.

It hardly matters what food you eat or what food makes you happy. As long as you are not starving and well-fed you will be or rather you should be always happy about it. Not everyone always gets to eat whatever they wish to. Hence, you like it or not, respect for every type of food item and consume everything without throwing any tantrums.