Have you ever heard the phrase “pain is your friend”? When you first hear it, it’s difficult to accept. However, given time, you will realize that such phrases contain a great deal of truth. Pain isn’t the kind of friend you think of fondly; rather, it’s the kind of friend who tells you things you’d prefer not to hear.

We live in a time where the skill of quickly numbing bodily pain has been mastered.

Because pain hurts, many of us are fearful of it. Our aversion, on the other hand, often leads us to want to dull the pain rather than listen to it.

Our willingness to embrace pain is essential in our search for true happiness. Our efforts to avoid unpleasantness or suppressing the pain make us less capable of dealing with life’s unavoidable challenges.

Changing our perceptions of pain, our attitudes toward it, and our expectations of it is a critical step toward improving our ability to manage it. The only way that can leave you feeling happy and free is by fully feeling your pain and owning it. We often find it difficult to acknowledge our grief since it is often coupled with self-judgment and reveals a side of ourselves that we don’t want to accept. However, the emotion already existing, and we won’t be able to address or comprehend it until we own it.

It may sound contradictory, but numbing pain isn’t the best approach to get rid of it; shoving it down won’t make it go away. Feelings, knowing what we need, believing we deserve it, and having the strength to produce it are all essential components of true freedom.

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