Competition and the urge to be better than everyone else around you are what give birth to jealously. Jealousy makes it compulsory for you to win, you are not able to deal with failures well. You get frustrated and annoyed if someone other than you wins in a particular thing. This jealousy of yours is what keeps you away from being truly happy after seeing someone else happy of win. Some people are born competitive and aggressive while some are forced by situations like parental pressure and social pressure to be competitive. Whatever the reason is, if you can be happy in other’s happiness, then you are missing out on a huge and very important feeling in your life. It through being happy for others can you really be happy for yourself.

While a little competitive behaviour is not only good but also motivational and it allows you to improve yourself day by day. But it is important that you don’t let your aggressive emotions overflow and drive you towards being unhappy about someone else’s victory. If you lose or are lagging behind, it is very usual to feel upset or downtrodden. But you must also understand that you are also gaining valuable experience and you only lost because you aren’t trying hard enough. You should be happy that someone else is better than you and it gives you a chance to improve yourself to that extend. When you are happy about someone’s success, it becomes easier to accept the failure and move on. This will only help you to keep trying and one day the fruit of your hard work will surely blossom in your life.

It makes you a better person and a humble person. It takes courage to overcome jealously and be happy for someone. Once you get a hang of it, you are always happy and cheerful no matter what. This is how you can manage to keep your life full of happiness even if your competition beats you in a race. Make your rivalry about improving yourself, and you will never be sad.

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