The human body’s endogenous hormone dopamine triggers the feeling of happiness. At the same time, one can feel happiness through different things such as feeling good, getting good compliments or watching someone you like, taking drugs, food, or having good sex, etc. Dopamine makes us make the right decision to feel happiness even more.

As the studies suggest, researchers have found ways to use dopamine in a therapeutic way. And according to this, dopamine can control blood pressure. Moreover, as per the experiment, the researchers found that dopamine is not just produced in the brain during feeling-good scenarios but is also produced in nerves in the vegetative system, known as the sympathetic nervous system related to blood vessels.

Our brain is linked with other body functions through SNS the brain cannot release dopamine directly due to the blood and brain barrier. Dopamine also exists in aces like kidneys, adrenaline glands, blood vessels, and the brain.
Dopamine circulates in the blood serum, regulating better breathing that helps blood sugar balance. Hence, it lowers your BP.

So as much as possible, try to be happy as there are many other benefits of happiness on our health. And it is an inexpensive way to keep yourself healthy. And maintaining this will make you feel happy. Also, keeping your body in a healthy state eases your life on a different level.

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