Whether you want to be happy or you want to be fulfilled. Actually, fulfillment and happiness can go hand in hand. Some people want to be just happy. They’re not concentrating on fulfillment.

Actually, fulfillment should be preferred over happiness. Here we look at how fulfillment is important and should be preferred over happiness. In the lead generation plant, people were asked about their medical conditions, as it’s a troublesome job. In their starting days, they were happier for a good salary. As time passed their value distracted. Though they were not doing illegal activities, they weren’t satisfied. They decided to quit the job and decided on something fulfilling.

Always do all kinds of things that give you fulfillment rather than just happiness. Most people want to be just happy. They don’t think about long term fulfillment. So they stuck with secure with a secure job or settle for the low-value tasks. People do this type of job to avoid pain and frustration. Most people settle with annoying life partners and abusive relationships because they want to be happy where they are and not try to change a thing about it since they are either lazy or just done with it. For fulfillment, they don’t want to take risks.

I saw a man who made 1 million dollars in 3 years. But at present, he is earning 300 dollars a month, as he misused all his money for happiness. People smoke, drink, crave junk food because it provides a sense of happiness. He deprived himself of fulfillment. I never care about happiness as it comes from inside. And if I want to be happy, I would be happy irrespective of money, fame, people, or material things.

Long term projects increase frustration and pain. But it provides a sense of fulfillment. If you invest in resources to get fulfilled, happiness comes automatically with that.

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