There can be infinite reasons for why a particular couple decides to break up their relationship which saw and came through so many wonderful years. Sometimes it is just a misunderstanding or a silly mistake or sometimes we just screw up big time. However, sometimes the relationship comes to a dead end when both the partners don’t feel any spice in being together. Once we spend some years together, we forget the worth of each other and take each other for granted. This is why we must not stop trying to win each other just like when we fell in love in the first place. Here are some detailed reasons for how it affects your relationship: –

  • Makes your partner feel one-sided – When you stop trying to impress her just because you think you already have her as a girlfriend or a wife, it makes them feel less important and special. They feel like it’s only them who are trying to take efforts in this relationship. It’s like they love you but you don’t express the same to them even if you do love them.
  • Keeps the relationship happy – Which girls wouldn’t want their man to bring them roses or chocolates every now and then. It fills them up with joy and makes them feel truly lucky to have you in their life. And even they try to make your favourite dish for dinner or try to make you happy in some way. This is how happiness in a relationship is managed.
  • Keeps boredom away from a relationship – What is fun about coming home to a wife who serves you dinner which you eat, digest and goes to bed without expressing your love for each other. Your relationship becomes like a pond with stagnant water. No ins and no outs. If you keep trying to impress each other the spark between you two is maintained. The same spark that made you smile and nervous when you saw each other for the first time.
  • Increased fights and arguments – Since you failed to maintain the essence of your relationship, even the smallest argument turns into a violent conflict. If only you had appreciated and complimented her more often, the fight would not have been so worse and possibly solved easily.
  • Losing respect – A boring and stagnant relationship is the worst because you can’t break up so easily since you still love and care for each other more than anyone. But you fail to express the same or take efforts to express your feelings. And when this happens, where you can’t leave nor stays, you both lose respect for each other. It becomes easy to ridicule or make fun of your partner when this happens which breaks out into a fight.

Always remember that once you promised to keep her happy and joyful no matter what. As a man, you should be true to that promise and keep trying to impress your women. It doesn’t matter whether you are married or engaged, just because you know they won’t leave or break up with you now, it doesn’t mean you can do anything that displeases them. Appreciate her while you have her. Remember, many wished to win her over but she chose you, don’t make her regret that decision.