In today’s competitive world, everyone wants to pursue success. And to achieve these worldly needs and wants, one works hard and gives their whole time, but ultimately feels unhappy. Though everyone emphasises wealth, fame, achievements and other things, the fact doesn’t change that real success is having peace and contentment in life.

Irrespective of how rich you are, how much money you have, or how many properties you have, everything in life is meaningless if you are not happy even after having so much. However, pursuing being at the top, getting validated, and doing otherworldly things is never-ending, leaving the person unsatisfied and unhappy.

Real happiness comes from within. It happens by means of healthy relationships, personal growth and finding a purpose in life. And it’s simply the tiny moments of joy, laughter and togetherness. That truly enriches one’s life.

As a result, the value of your happiness cannot be compared to anything else in the world. The materialistic wants and external needs diminish if a person is unhappy. And so, by valuing happiness, we can lead a happy life and have an incredible journey.