Life’s journey is ever-evolving, full of ups and downs, detours and turns. As a result, we frequently find ourselves wallowing in the past, clinging to the past, and fearing what the future may bring. But the adage has immense wisdom: “Give in to what is, let go of what was, and trust in what will be.”

By truly accepting and loving the present moment, no matter how difficult or painful, one gives in to what is. It involves accepting the truth of our situation and being prepared to confront it head-on without resistance or denial. By opposing what is, we subject ourselves to pain. However, when we embrace it, we relieve ourselves of needless anxiety and discover calm amid chaos.

The past’s hold on us must be released to let go of what was. It entails accepting that it cannot be changed no matter how much we yearn for or lament the past. By clinging to the past, we remain trapped and cannot truly experience the present. By letting go, we make room for fresh opportunities to materialize and widen our perception of the beauty of the present moment.

Faith and surrender are required to trust in what will be. It entails having faith in the promise of the future and that things will turn out well, even when we cannot see the results. It involves having faith in the universe, the universe as a whole, and life’s inherent flow. When we have confidence in the future, we may let go of anxiety and dread and instead develop hope and optimism.

This subject serves as a gentle reminder to live in the now, let go of the past, and trust in the future. It inspires us to accept life’s transience and find serenity in the face of ambiguity. By repeating this phrase, we may live more joyfully and fulfilling while overcoming the hardships of life with grace and resiliency.