Individuals strive to attain happiness, yet different people have different perceptions of what it is. The majority of individuals often refer to their current mood or a holistic sense of how they feel about life in overall when they analyse what happiness really is.

Because the term “happiness” tends to have such a broad connotation, psychotherapists and other sociologists favour to allude to this emotional state as “contextual well-being.” Contextual well-being, as the term suggests, emphasises on how a person feels about their current life circumstance.

But while the perceptions definitely remain different in the rundown, somewhere, the signs and notions look somewhat similar in general. That’s that, here we have evaluated the signs of true happiness, that we often overlook.

1. Having the impression that your life is what you wanted
2. Allowing things to happen as they do and being open to life as it is
3. Feeling as though your life is going well
4. Savouring constructive, wholesome interactions with others
5. Having the conviction that your life goals have been or will be attained

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