Truth be told, being at peace is our default condition. We would most likely be chronically overstimulated, hyperactive, fatigued, or even burned out if we did not routinely return to our hearts and the calm inside. Even if the environment around us may be stressful and perilous, if you make an effort to be calm, inner tranquillity is more likely to be your default mode.

Being receptive to inner calm is the first step on the path to it. should have faith that you can succeed even if you might not think you can since your mind keeps wandering. Simply have faith and here are the steps to find inner peace in life.

1. Contemplation

Mental quiet is a key component of contemplation. To connect with the present moment, notice, and accept whatever is happening to you and around you, you must master settling your mind.

Everyday existence demands consistent thought on our part. And while the goal of meditation is not to cease thinking, it may be a useful tool for taking a break from the external world and paying attention to your emotional states, unless they are good or torturous. You can find some magnitude of inner peace by realising to just watch and accept things as they are while you’re in a state of mental and spiritual quiet.

2. Take immediate break from Social Media

Although it may seem obvious, the majority of us spend our days hooked to our devices. Social media is one significant factor that disturbs inner serenity. Social media might make us despair that we aren’t living our greatest life when we evaluate them to those of our friends or famous individuals. Your inner harmony will be disturbed by this alone.

3. Breathe

Practising breathing is what you need to aim for meticulously. For only that can lead you to leading a happy peaceful life. And to your surprise, many of us do not even how to breathe the right way.

4. Jam with nature

Heard of jamming, right? But it isn’t only just about loud music, party and friends. Jam with nature, move with the natural voices and sounds. Could be sea waves, bird chirping or trees moving. Movement practices have always healed within.

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