Childhood mantras are those that were created in early childhood and are like tapes that play over and over in our heads. Our ability to be happy is influenced by the childhood mantras or recordings that we keep playing in our heads.

Do you recognize any of these mantras that you’ve been repeating to yourself for years, thereby limiting your own happiness potential?

Here are some childhood mantras that are robbing us of our happiness

1. Mantra 1: I’m never going to do that again

When you’re younger, life-changing events occur. To your younger self, there may have been significant traumas or tiny events that felt painful.

We often make a vow or promise to ourselves as children in response to such experiences. We do this to protect ourselves, but as we become older, we don’t pause to consider whether this promise is assisting us or hindering us.

The pledge to be vigilant at all times can undoubtedly have an impact on one’s ability to experience true happiness.

2. Mantra 2: This isn’t going to last

We don’t allow ourselves to feel happy because we’re afraid it won’t last long, so we limit our enjoyment.

Unforeseen trauma as a child can build a sense of dread—we begin to expect something horrible to happen, especially when we are at our happiest or most vulnerable.

3. Mantra 3: I’m not very good at it

Neglected childhood aspirations or interests might serve as an excellent compass for regaining your happiness.

Is there anything you used to like doing as a kid that you don’t anymore? Maybe you concluded you weren’t good enough to continue doing it because of someone’s criticism. Or you pushed yourself to let go of as you grew older in order to be more practical or realistic.

These long-forgotten passions allow us to rediscover what used to make us happy. It’s an invitation to reclaim your happiness.

Assumptions we develop as children about how the world works can have a significant impact on our thinking as adults. Instead of the ones that are reducing your ability to be cheerful, you need to start playing a fresh tape within your head. The one that boosts your confidence and happiness. Reassure yourself that, even if something horrible did happen, anticipating it would not make it any less painful and, in fact, would deprive you of joy.

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