Pain from the past can be a gift in the present or future only after you have moved on from that circumstance which leads you to feel “pain”. Being in pain isn’t that all easy and simple of a feeling but a traumatic or a hurtful journey that might haunt you in daylight or during late hours of the night when you try to sleep. Speaking about emotional pain, in particular, emotional breakdowns are the worst but let’s question ourselves here : are we going to carry the baggage of these hurt feelings till we die? No, we won’t, we wish to live our life peacefully, happily.

Nobody is responsible for the pain we feel except for ourselves. When we think excessively about the memories or about some person in question we tend to hurt ourselves by reverting to those moments that cause pain.

But when we stop thinking about it, become more aware of ourselves, start spending time with ourselves, take care and love ourselves we move away from that pain. When we let our body feel that pain, we become stronger day by day.

Pain from the past can be a gift in the future because we tend to learn from our past mistakes, we become the best version of ourselves, we start to welcome “good” people in our life. We learn to appreciate life more than anything.

In short, we come closer to ourselves. We never know what amazing things our future might have treasured for us, it’s just that we keep patience, love ourselves and others and hope for all the best to happen. So it’s always crucial to remember that if you are going through some sort of pain in the present, there’s something great waiting for you.

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