Patience is one of the qualities that makes one tolerant enough without getting riled up in a particular situation. It is the ability to stay calm even in the toughest situation. With a fast-paced life, where almost everything is available to us at our fingertips, like pre-cut meals to fasten our cooking process, or getting ready-made food delivered to our doorstep, and many other things aimed to make our lives simpler has led us to want things quicker. We wish for instant gratification for everything in life without wanting to wait for things to work out in their own time. We have forgotten the art of waiting. It is said that beautiful things come to those who wait. Patience is the key to being truly happy. Impatience or the lack of it, making you constantly irritated and all riled up which steals away your happiness. But how do we stay patient all the time?

It is human to get a little impatient but one must learn the art of patience. It can be a slow process but it is not impossible.

At first, try to understand the reasons behind your impatience. Frustration acts as a huge root cause behind why a person is being impatient. Reframe the way you see the situation by looking at it from the other person’s perspective. This helps you to understand the situation wholly and have a better patience level.

Patience is the key to happiness as it makes you calm towards anything life throws at you. When you learn to be patient, you accept things for what it is and believe that in the end everything will fall into place and that is what keeps oneself happy and content.

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