Everyone wants to be happy. But only few can find ways to be happy in life.

Here are 7 things you can do to stay happy.

1. Give yourself permission

Allow yourself to be who you are. You can laugh aloud or cry whenever you feel like. Give yourself the permission to be unique. To go ahead and achieve your goals and dreams.

2. Don’t compare

Comparison is a way of self-harm. A person who is happy knows that they are neither better nor less than others. Always strive to do your best at all times.

3. Make adjustments

Learn to adjust to various situations. When something isn’t going your way, fine-tune yourself to make adjustments.

4. Make good friends

Having supporting, uplifting and loving friends makes the friendship and conversation deeper and pleasing. Recognise the friends that uplift your happiness and nurture your relationships.

5. Be more interested in peace of mind

Peace is all that really matters in life. When you gain peace in life, your life would feel balanced. This increases the chances of happiness and contentment.

6. Learn how to take care of yourself and others

Happy people make time to help others and connect with people to do them some good. Part take in service but do not forget to take care of yourself.

7. Don’t take yourself too seriously

When life throws stress your way, tell yourself that it is not as big or devastating as your mind makes you think. Lighten up yourself and be happy.

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