1. Creativity brings us into the present moment

We’re present in the moment because we’re doing something we enjoy. Because we’re just having a wonderful time, time seems to fly by. Creativity encourages us to be more conscious of our whole life. It also relaxes our nervous system, reduces anxiety, and aids in the restoration of balance.

2. Improve our interpersonal relationships

We become more intimate with ourselves just because we appreciate doing what we adore. We establish a strong bond with our inner selves. We may connect with others and deepen all of our relationships by connecting with ourselves first. This ensures stronger relationships.

And as we become more fulfilled, we have less need for others to fulfil us and have more to share. Our joy grows, and others notice it and want to spend more time with us.

3. Depression has been alleviated

Self-judgments are suspended while performing things we enjoy, even if they appear minor or simple. We do it solely for the sheer pleasure of doing so. It’s the licence we give ourselves to do what we enjoy that allows us to forget about our worries. The more we participate, the higher our spirits soar.

The remedy to any dreariness is to do something that is not taxing or to win.

4. It’s always unique

Every time we develop something, we’re venturing into the new, uncharted ground. We’re embarking on a fresh adventure every time we start and every time we continue. Creativity has this amazing ability to always change things around. Even the most routine tasks, such as cooking soup, knitting a loop, or moving my body, always provide a unique experience. It also opens up new viewpoints, which is a benefit.

5. We can get out of our way

We are more focused on the act of doing something we enjoy than on self-ruminating when we are doing something we enjoy. It gets us out of our heads right away. So much of our dissatisfaction stems from our ideas and habits being fixed and consumed. We are far too aware of our feelings, words, and behaviours.

When we’re creatively engaged, though, we’re free of any psychological traps that reveal anything about ourselves, especially since it doesn’t have to be so serious.

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