It is important for you to embrace yourself and accept yourself the way you are. There are various benefits of embracing yourself.

1. Greater happiness

Definition of happiness is different for different people. And different people find happiness in different things. Some people think they can be happy when they achieve something, other people think they can be happy when they get a promotion or buy a new house.

But these things will just give you external happiness. But what about the internal happiness, the happiness we get from within? Internal happiness, which is the true form of happiness, is only possible when you learn to accept your own self, the way you are.

2. Increased motivation

A person is motivated only when he trusts himself. When the person can’t accept who and how he/she is, the motivation level goes down automatically. To increase your motivation, you need to love the way you are. Because when there is self-compassion, there is greater motivation.

3. Better physical and mental health

Self-love is related to good physical and mental health. Because when you doubt yourself, you tend to weaken your mental health and impact your physical health. Self-doubt is very harmful.

4. You treat yourself more kindly

Self-acceptance is the best way to show kindness to yourself. When you accept your true self and love the way you are, you tend to treat yourself kindly. But if you don’t embrace who you are, you keep on changing yourself and by doing this you can never be kind to yourself.

5. You start appreciating yourself

When you truly embrace your shortcomings, you start to learn reasons to appreciate them. When you begin seeing your “flaws” as strengths, you acquire a whole new feeling of appreciation for yourself.

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