Although the origin of happiness has been researched for decades, it is still a mystery. No one can explain to you how you can personally have a happy life since everyone has a distinct path to happiness.

1. Take the time to see your loved ones, including family and friends.
One of the top five regrets of the dying is not keeping in touch with loved ones. Never say “earn more money,” “work a longer shift,” or “travel more for employment.”

2. Begin an undertaking you’ve been putting off.
We all understand the negative effects of procrastination, but we nevertheless engage in it. Because quick gratification causes the release of dopamine (feel-good chemicals), our brain instinctively seeks it out, which is why we prefer to check our Facebook and Instagram alerts than go to the gym or learn a new language.

3. Pick up a fresh skill
We now know that internal elements, not external ones, are what determine pleasure and contentment. Researchers have accumulated a large body of evidence linking education to better health and longer life. Additionally, people’s happiness and well-being rise when they are completely immersed in learning and doing new things.

4. Relax.
Most people think of meditation as a means to focus more clearly and maintain your composure. It can, however, also make you happier.

5. Start moving.
That’s correct. It has been shown that exercise may treat almost any ailment, including depression, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and more.

Source: Life Hack

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