At times it gets difficult to maintain a happy state of mind and therefore in this article, we are going to discuss the ways that would instantly make you feel happy.

1. Be thankful for the things that you’re grateful for. According to research, gratitude has the power to make you happy.

2. Be around your pets. Pets are a great mood booster, so play with your cat or a dog if you want to feel happy instantly.

3. Tell yourself that you are awesome. When you truly accept yourself, your life will get happier.

4. Listen to the soft tunes of music to lighten up your mood. It has the power to get you in a positive state of mind.

5. Practice kindness or generosity to feel happy instantly. It will make others as well as you happier.

6. Happiness is contagious so spend time with people who are happy and joyous.

7. Watch funny videos to get yourself in a happy mood. Laughter is a great way to reduce stress.

8. Good workout is another way to make you happy as it releases endorphins in the blood streams.

9. If you feel down, fake a smile. A fake smile has the ability to lift up your mood, even if it is not genuine.

10. Stroll around the woods and savour the bliss of the serene nature to alleviate stress.

11. As per research, making new friends has the ability to improve your mood and make you happy.

12. Get a good sleep. Sleep will definitely rid you of your worry and bring you instant happiness.

13. Crying actually works. A study suggests that crying makes people feel so much better.

14. Give out compliments to others which will make their day and your generosity will make your day.

15. Smelling the beautiful fragrant flowers has the power to manifold your happiness.

16. Thinking of happy memories will make you happy and more optimistic.

17. Create your own positive mantra and recite it to make yourself happy.

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