We never hear someone unnecessarily honking on the streets because he is in hurry at night! It mostly happens in the daytime. We also hear animals and birds making heck lot of noise including us humans. Be it while fighting or playing or just discussing something loudly, we only make noise at night. It is quite obvious given that everyone is tired and exhausted from all the shenanigans in the day time and we can only rest or sleep peacefully if there is no noise at all. So is that makes nights peaceful? The absolute silence! The lack of interactions and exchange of dialogues, that sure isn’t all peace. It is the only temporary, for as soon as the suns rise, it all begins again. And peace has to be eternal to be true.

Nights can’t be all peaceful because most of the dirty work around the world is carried out in the night. Burglars plan their robbery at nights. Enemy nations try to invade our lands while we sleep in peace. Natures predators roam outside freely since there are fewer humans on the streets. So the silence of nights can’t be misunderstood as peace. Be it night or day, peace is an emotion, free from all the chaos of the world. It is the feeling of having no negative sentiments and being completely satisfied with the present.

However, night-time does happen to provide us with calm and peace for a little while. Apart from absolute silence, nighttime also has cooler weather and breezes in the air. It has a beautiful view of the stars that your eyes can’t cover. It has the soothing light emitted from the glowing moon. It has the satisfying sound of crickets and since it is the end of the day, you feel accomplished and fulfilled. You feel proud about yourself for finishing all your tasks on time all while you sleep under the bed night sky covered in stars. And when your eyes finally start to give in, you go to bed with the most peaceful mind until you wake up in the morning and chaos begins all over again.

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