No one is perfect in this world. Everyone is born with flaws. It is upto you how to turn your imperfections into your biggest strength.

Here are some ways of how you can turn your flaws into your greatest strength.

1. Recognise Your Weakness

Without knowing your weakness, you cannot convert it into strength. So, first find your flaws and weaknesses. It will need you to be honest with yourself. Only after discovering your flaws, will you be able to overcome it.

2. Accept Your Weakness

Embrace your flaws without any hard feelings. While accepting your weakness, always remember that no one is perfect.

3. Get Guidance from Someone You Trust

Asking a friend or family member who you trust the most and who have pretty much accepted their own flaws would help.

You do not have to overcome your weakness alone. Before making any choices it is always better to get more information beforehand.

4. Avoid Self-Criticism

If you are a person who constantly thinks about your flaws, then you are indeed a self-criticizer. It will be hard for you to feel good about yourself when you think so negatively about yourself. Instead, avoid those negative thoughts and make peace with your flaws by working towards making it one of your strengths.

5. Accept Praise or Compliments from Others

People with self-criticized thoughts often shy away from accepting praise from others because they consider themselves unworthy of it. So, learn to accept yourself with all your flaws and imperfections and it will make you feel good about yourself.

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