Social media practice to make you a happier person. Whatever you think or say is going to affect how you feel.

Here are some social media practices that will make you a happier person.

1. Set an intention be positive

Before you open your social media app make sure to remind yourself that you are intending for a positive experience.

2. Clean up your feed

Unfollow people who constantly post criticizing posts or the ones that tend to have a negative impact on you. Follow people who are positive and post positive things. This would make a lot of difference if you unconsciously scroll through your feed.

3. Let go off your expectations and don’t expect certain number of likes

You might think that likes are a validation and that the more likes you get, the more liked you are as a person. However that is not the case. The number of likes on your post has nothing to do with who you are or how you are. Some people just pay for likes and it means nothing.

4. Practice non-judgement while scrolling

Remind yourself that judging others or thinking negatively about others is only going to affect you and make you feel bad. When you give way to negative thoughts, negative feelings creep in.

5. Look at envy as a call of inspiration

Rather than seeing someone with envy, it is better to get inspired by them. If someone has acquired the things you wanted to achieve, then it means that you can achieve it as well.

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