We spend so much time on social media and watching TV these days that it’s easy to speed through life without noticing much of what’s going on around us. Paying more attention to the current moment, as well as your own thoughts and feelings, is one way to practice mindfulness and improve mental health.

It can also assist us in stopping ourselves from “dwelling in our heads,” allowing us to better understand ourselves and appreciate life. Here are ten basic mindfulness exercises to try.

1. Be present in the moment

Stop ruminating about the past. Because you can’t change the past, you’re better off letting it go. It won’t be easy, but it’s the only way to progress. Also, because the future hasn’t arrived yet, you don’t need to devote all of your resources to preparing for it right now.

Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, so you should concentrate on the here and now. Enjoy it while it lasts and don’t think about the time or the next duty you have to complete.

2. Mindful eating

While many of us eat while watching television, attentive people pay attention to their bodies and consciously nourish themselves with nutritious foods. Eating attentively is one of the most common ways to practise mindfulness.

This entails focusing your attention on your meal, chewing it thoroughly, and appreciating the flavor and scent of it. This will make you feel more fulfilled, allow you to make better decisions, and reduce overeating.

3. Become engrossed in activities that you enjoy

Everyone has a hobby or pastime that brings them joy and makes them feel totally alive. There will be something you can put your energy into, whether it’s singing, dancing, writing, sketching, walking, swimming, or a specific activity.

Whatever it is, if it allows you to disconnect from your troubles and appreciate the current moment, go for it. Be joyful, do what you love, and focus on it totally without distractions!

4. Meditation

Meditation has numerous advantages, including encouraging happiness, raising energy levels, and aiding in the restoration of inner calm.

Mindful meditation entails concentrating the mind on a single thought in order to gain mental clarity and emotional tranquility. It aids us in transforming our negative ideas into good ones and overcoming any difficulties we may face.

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