Whether it’s our finances, our relationships, or our health, life throws us chaos on a regular basis. Relaxing can help to clear your mind and make you feel more tranquil and at ease and can heal your heart.

Here are some simple ways to calm your mind and heal your heart

1. Begin with your breathing

Focusing on your breath is a fantastic method to become aware when your mind wanders. We take our breathing for granted, but it is a powerful tool for us to manage our emotions. You may engage your parasympathetic nervous system, which is your body’s relaxing response, by controlling your breathing. Pay close attention to the beat. If you’re taking short, shallow breaths, consider taking slower, deeper ones.

2. Pay attention to your thoughts

The mind is always buzzing with all kinds of thoughts. Suffering results from clinging to unpleasant thoughts. It’s important to remember that just because you believe something, it doesn’t imply it’s accurate.

3. Your emotions do not define you

You are not a roller-coaster of emotions you are experiencing, regardless of how high or low you feel. You’re a lot more.

When you are overcome with emotion, try to come to a halt. Take note of how you feel in your body.

4. Practice self-compassion

Self-compassion. We are frequently our own harshest critics. Self-critical persons are more likely to experience anxiety and sadness, as well as an inability to recover from setbacks.

Self-compassion is the ability to be conscious of your feelings—to be aware of the emotions that arise when you fail at something. It doesn’t mean you have to identify with them; you may simply notice and observe them without adding fuel to the fire. Self-compassion also entails accepting that everyone makes errors and that it is a natural part of life. And it’s the ability to speak to oneself as warmly and compassionately as you would to a buddy who has just failed.

5. Recognize your own worth

Don’t rely on others for approval. Everything you require is already within you. Accept responsibility for your mistakes. Give yourself as much love as you require. If you’re having trouble with this, think of yourself as your best buddy.

6. Be persistent and patient

It will take time to heal your heart. We are creatures of habit, and breaking bad habits takes time. It takes time to rewrite brain pathways. When you make changes, your body and mind need time to acclimate.

Simply breathe and reconnect with yourself when you feel like you’ve taken a step backward. Persistence is the key to staying on track.

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