The world is not always a fair system. The good does not always triumph over the bad. There are many horrible things happening around the globe. Having confidence in mankind is believing that the vast majority of people have the human race’s best interests at heart. We are all born with the ability to receive love, kindness, and hope.

As we grow older, we are exposed to the less hopeful and more problematic elements of being human, such as observing global challenges such as poverty and prejudice, and learning that humans can be nasty, calculating, and unkind at times.

Having faith in humanity and believing that we aren’t entirely doomed, can do a lot more for us than just make us happier. It drives you to do good when you see others doing well. It serves as a reminder to be the change you want to see in the world. It inspires you to cope better with your own difficulties when you observe how others deal with it.

If you believe that humanity is in general good, you will observe global atrocities via the lens of faith. This lens allows you to delve deeper into other people’s motivations. It enables you to perceive others through the eyes of compassion.

Faith in mankind is important since it is the only thing that can heal the world’s wounds. Humanity encompasses all of us. We are all members of the same human family. We are each other’s property. We are placing our faith in ourselves when we put our faith in humanity.

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