Happiness happens by choice and not chance. Anyone can develop the habits to be happy in life.

Here are the 12 daily habits you should follow for a happy life.

1. Appreciate more

When you appreciate the things in life you give value to the things that matter the most. Appreciation works in feeding happiness.

2. Practice acceptance

Many times things do not go as planned and instead of resisting it, just practice acceptance and adjust to the new things.

3. Live in the present

If you want to experience true happiness then you have to live in the present because better things happen in the present.

4. Listen attentively

Listening with focus and compassion gives you the opportunity to give your full attention to the people. It builds strong bonds and connections.

5. Make new friends

Some people stop making friends after a certain age. When you make friends, you grow as a person and are open to new experiences.

6. Work towards your dream

Work on the things that you want and accordingly take the necessary steps.

7. Make time to play

You are in this world to have fun and enjoy the exhilaration that comes along with being alive so it is better to set aside some fun time.

8. Be around happy people

Eliminate toxic people from your life and be around people who make you happy.

9. Move slowly

Take your time and move slowly. Maintain your focus on things that you are doing and do not stray away from them.

10. Practice forgiveness

Learn to forgive people even for the smallest of things.

11. Care for yourself

Take care of yourself by doing things that improve your overall state of well-being.

12. Let go

Let go of the things that do not work in serving you. Do not hold grudges.

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