We often catch ourselves being critical, judgmental, and worrying about things constantly. Once we realize this, we become concerned about the number of negative ideas we have.

Often, negative ideas are taught to be banished from our lives in order to feel self-assured and confident.

But we need to stop worrying about having negative thoughts. Happiness is determined by what you do with your negative thoughts rather than the number of negative thoughts you encounter.

Here are a few reasons why we need to stop worrying about negative thoughts.

1. It’s very natural to have negative ideas

Every day, the human mind generates millions of thoughts. Negative thoughts are quite normal. Negative thoughts are a natural aspect of life. This means you don’t have to be concerned about having them in the first place because it’s natural.

2. You don’t have to believe your thoughts

Your mind wants you to believe that all of your beliefs are true. It accomplishes this in part by convincing you that you and it are one. Your mind is a part of you, but it isn’t you.

You are not required to evaluate or be worried about your negative, critical thoughts. They’re nothing more than just thoughts.

3. Talk positively to your negative thoughts

Rather than worrying that you are having negative thoughts, it is critical to learn to ignore the negative voice in our heads. Next time you have an uneasy thought, acknowledge it and greet it with a positive greeting: ‘oh, hello! I know you’re not real; you are simply a figment of my imagination. Well, you may stay there if you like, but I have things to do today, so I’ll just get on with it.’

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