Fear of losing someone you care about is a typical emotion. Whether you’ve recently entered or have been in a steady relationship, the dread remains. Let’s admit it; you could end up losing them at any moment.

Regardless of the fact that we all experience this dread, we don’t always comprehend why we have it or where it arises from. Even if you’re in the best relationship you’ve ever had, the dread of losing someone you care about can be so overwhelming that it causes you to dwell on that concern.

Uncertainty is a common source of stress and paranoia. We are unable to look into tomorrow. However, there are steps we may take to ensure our fear and worry.

Here is how you can deal with the fear of losing people.

1. Recognize that you are not alone.

It’s very natural to be afraid of losing somebody. If the worst happens and you lose someone, you’ll be able to get over it. People have an incredible capacity for resiliency. For as long as we’ve lived, individuals have been dealing with loss and grief and overcoming it.

2. Quit attempting to be in charge of everything.

Situations may arise in your life whether you choose them to or not. You won’t be able to physically prevent everyone from departing your life. So just go with it and adapt to accept things the way they are.

3. Start a journal.

When it comes to losing somebody you care about, jotting down your ideas, emotions, and anxieties might help you cope. When you’re coping with the dread of losing, it’s the most soothing thing you can do.

4. Consider what your life would be like without them.

It’s not really something you would like to do, particularly if it’s your worst phobia. But here’s the piece of advice: you’ll be fine, and then everything will fall into place, provided you can envisage your life without them and realize that you can keep going

5. Speak with someone.

Whenever your anxieties get too overpowering, talk to somebody about them, whether it’s a closest buddy or a counselor. The more you suppress your worry in the hopes that it would go away by itself, the more suffering you will experience. It doesn’t make you insane to want someone to hear your emotions; it just makes you genuine.

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