In a world where everyone is just running to be on top of being the perfect person alive. Parents want their children to do great and shine bright, but they forget that everyone is born with a different personality and character, and they try to compare their children with others, thinking that this might motivate their children to do great. However, it always doesn’t work like that, and at times, it also becomes toxic for the child and parents.

Why You Should Avoid Comparing Your Kid

Inferior Feeling: Comparing your child with others is one of the most common reasons behind a child’s low energy. So avoid saying stuff that may hurt them and make them feel inferior. As every comparison is an attack on the child’s self-esteem

May Lead To Anxiety: Anxiety has become a common problem in youngsters. And so those who face comparisons daily are likely to think a lot, which leads to anxiety. Rather than comparing your child, try to communicate and figure out the reason behind their problems.

Rejection: It is the most hurtful thing for a child to get rejected for their authenticity and have to change themselves as their parents wish. And rejections at an early age roots for severe mental health issues.

Superiority Complex: It is the belief that your abilities are better than others, but you still feel inferior. This results in arrogance and blunt communication way that ruins your personality.