Peace doesn’t exist in the air. You don’t wake up troubled one day and peaceful the other. Too many modern-day thinkers treat peace as a kind of radiofrequency that you can tap into. For people who aren’t exactly spiritual, this brand of philosophy makes peace seem like a dream, accessible only to those who have been practicing spirituality. In reality, peace is more of a process.

There are few adjustments you can perform to your everyday behaviour that will improve not only your state of mind but also your overall quality of life.

Stop blaming yourself excessively

There is such a thing as having too much responsibility. It’s OK to own up to mistakes and accept blame, but it’s not healthy to be so self-righteous about it.

Get rid of your victim mentality

The victim attitude is on the other end of the spectrum. You’ll never learn to take responsibility for your own actions if you’re continuously looking for external explanations to justify your behaviour and life.

Be wary Of people who appease you

Even if you spend your entire life attempting to please everyone you know, you will never be able to please everyone. You can’t act on your own free will if you’re looking for other people’s approval and acceptance.

Grudges are no longer a part of your life

Grudge-holding is a sort of self-comfort. We tell ourselves that we are punishing individuals when we stay angry with them. In truth, you’re squandering your mental energy on someone who doesn’t give a damn what you think of them.

Put an end to your quest for perfection

Excessiveness in the shape of perfection is another type of excess that must be eliminated. People who strive for perfection teach their minds to reject anything less than perfection. As a result, they are easily dissuaded and only work on projects that provide guaranteed self-gratification.

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