The life-changing events that are around the world tell us that above everything we need peace. It’s a generation gap between us and our parents, that needs to be tackled properly for peace. Here we look at hacks to make peace with parents.

Your parents are human beings and they can commit mistakes like any human being. The first place accepts mistakes. You need to forgive and forget. Forgiveness is a healing act.

Start by sending a card to parents with a personal note. Enquire about their health, send photos, or a few gifts, etc. Do it on a regular basis until you returned the favor.

Stay away from controversial subjects. Do something together instead. Come together at the picnic spot. Have fun, do healthy discussions, it will feel us better.

Control your tongue. If things get heated, cool it on priority. When you’re rebuilding a relationship let stuff go.

Say sorry even if you think you are not in the wrong. Sorry that we have reached this point but happy we can move things on.

Avoid trying to remember past things. If by mistake things heated immediately cool it down.

Try to sense of perspective. Humour is great for healing to provided it doesn’t dissolve into sarcasm and bullying others.

Be kind. Be your own a peace-maker, it is hard work and results don’t come immediately but you should never give up. It takes time to build trust. Accept responsibility for your actions and it becomes easier.

Lots of hard work required to build trust in any kind of relationship. There is nothing more powerful than having science to back your decisions.

Commit to doing some research on positive parenting. This can only lead to more zeal and excitement for transforming your life and healing from your past.

Being a voice for positive parenting and helping others to see the damaging effects of shaming and blaming.

Set boundaries with negative people. It is not possible or even healthy to have your own positive bubble with almost zero interaction with negative people. But you can try to avoid or ignore or have a safe distance with the negative people.

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