When we compare ourselves to others, we experience worry about where we are in life, a sense of deficiency, and occasionally jealously. When we find it difficult to be glad for other people and their accomplishments, our jealousy can easily turn into emotions of guilt.

The most important thing to realise is that there is a significant difference in energy and outcome between witnessing other people’s success and using that vision to encourage you vs constantly berating yourself for not being where they are. If comparing makes you feel useless and discouraged, unable to acquire what you desire and “deserve,” and you resent others for what they have, it’s time to quit or change your approach to it.

When people compare and subsequently feel dejected and demoralised, it’s usually because they believe they’re not good enough, and they’re constantly looking for proof of that attitude.

Society instils in us the habit of evaluating ourselves against external, socially manufactured metrics of “success” and “worthiness,” such as attractiveness, age, weight, money, social position, marital status, and so on. Understand that there is a lot of pressure on us to meet those goals, but they are culturally formed ideas that may or may not bring you personal satisfaction and fulfilment, depending on your values and desires.

However, the comparison might have a good effect. Because you see it in someone else, you get the sense and believe that something bigger and better is achievable for you. A clearer road to success because you have a role model who is ten steps ahead of you, doing exactly what you want to achieve and showing you how to get there. More positive development in you because seeing someone else succeed reminds you that you have what it takes to reach the same or greater results.

Self-comparison can make you more peaceful or destroy your inner peace depending upon how you make it. A positive self-comparison that motivated you to develop as a person and reach your goal can be peaceful. Whereas negative comparison which creates feelings of Jealousy and envy in you can badly affect your inner peace.

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