While avoiding reality may provide momentary solace or comfort, it will unlikely result in enduring tranquillity. On the contrary, confusion, worry, and a sense of being cut off from oneself and others can result from ignoring or rejecting reality.

Human nature tends to make us want to escape unpleasant or difficult circumstances but to advance and prosper, we must confront the ups and downs of life head-on. We can’t become resilient and vital if we don’t accept the realities of our existence.

To achieve peace, one must deal with issues, not simply avoid them. We are depriving ourselves of the chance to develop and learn from our experiences by trying to escape reality. A stronger sense of calm and personal progress can result from facing the truth, even unpleasant or painful.

Aside from that, escaping reality may encourage unhealthy coping strategies like binge eating, excessive drinking, or other addictive behaviours. Although they could offer a short-term solution, these actions have the potential to make the issues we are seeking to prevent worse.

One might feel calm and empowered by acknowledging reality and trying to discover answers. While it may not always be pleasant or convenient, seeing and acting on facts can promote incredible growth and resilience. Thus, embracing truth and figuring out how to get by it is preferable to trying to avoid it.

While escaping reality could offer some relief, it is unlikely to bring long-lasting tranquillity. The secret to achieving lasting serenity is to confront reality squarely and create effective coping strategies for handling difficulties in life.