Having a stressful week is acceptable, but having a boring weekend is equally frustrating. After having a hectic week everyone deserves to have some fun time during their weekends. But sometimes it happens that you fail to plan your weekend well and end up staying home and just lying lazily and doing nothing. One must always try doing fun stuff that can be adventurous and joyful. You can move out of the house and relax at different places and explore new places for adventure and also try out different eating joints and enjoy your time with your friends or family. There are a series of things you can do on weekends that will ensure your happiness and peace of mind, preparing you for the coming week. Stressful situations are normal but tackling those situations are equally important, weekends are one of the most effective ways to execute those stress and beat it.

Here are a few activities you can try to do on weekends that will surely make you relaxed and prepare you for the upcoming week.

Go for a long walk or hiking

Going for a a long walk and experiencing the beautiful nature around you is often more enjoyable and this activity can be done alone as well, as it is peaceful, quiet, and relaxing. Best of all, you can hear all of the quiet, busy sounds of nature, away from traffic.

Go for shopping

Shopping is one of the most favorite things of everyone and is often enjoyed by all. Hunt for the best clothes or deals and take a leisurely trip alone and take your time trying everything on. You will have a great day and find something you love.


Exercise can be a little awkward, especially when you first start. You haven’t fully learned all the moves to Zumba yet, and you don’t know what most of the machines in your gym are actually supposed to be used for. Exercising alone means you get to move at your own pace and do exercises that interest you personally.

Try new recipes

Cook a new dish you’ve been searching for on youtube for a while now. You also don’t have guests to let down if it goes wrong, and if it goes right you have a treat all for yourself. You can also invite guests over and you may become a cooking pro in the process.


You can try traveling alone, traveling alone means there are no compromises. You can go wherever you want, see whatever you want, and eat wherever you want in peace, and have a great weekend spend. You can just travel to the nearest city or places nearby for the day, and enjoy and relax up.

Have a long, hot bath

If you have the extra time left of the weekend apart from the chores and activities, set aside an hour for a long, hot bath. Indulge yourself, light some candles, use bath bombs and bath salts put on relaxing music, and soothe your troubles away.

Experience a SPA treatment

Spa treatments help relax your body and your muscles. It is a perfect way to relax on your weekends.