Read to dress properly for prom night.

For women

· Plan your date-night outfit depending on the location you are going for a date. If it’s a dinner date at a fancy hotel, you need to dress accordingly.

· If you are going on a sophisticated date try wearing formals or elegant outfits. If you are going somewhere casual like a café or movie date, you should wear casual outfits like jeans and a t-shirt or a top or a casual dress.

· Make sure that whatever you wear you are able to sit properly and breathe properly. Wearing something you aren’t comfortable in will ruin your date experience. So wear a comfortable outfit.

· Don’t wear an extra bright colour, or the colour that doesn’t suit your skin tone. The colour you choose to wear also give hints about your personality. So choose the colour of your outfit wisely.

· Pair your outfit with a suitable footwear like an elegant dress with heels, casuals with shoes or flats.

· Don’t forget to wear jewellery. Wear a minimum if your outfit is shiny and bright. Wear a big neckpiece if you are wearing a simple, plain t-shirt.

· Above all nothing is cooler than wearing confidence so remember, don’t wear anything that you feel doesn’t suit you or makes you feel inferior. This will weaken your confidence.

For Men.

· You need to choose your outfits according to the place you are going for a date.

· If you are going to a sophisticated location wear formals but not those you wear to office. Don’t tug your shirt in. Wear a shirt and chinos to look elegant. You can also choose to wear jeans. But don’t wear t-shirts.

· If you are going to a casual place, wear a t-shirt and leather or denim jacket along with jeans.

· Make sure you choose your colour combinations wisely. Don’t wear weird combinations. Also, don’t wear funky colours it might give the wrong impression. Also don’t wear boring colours like cremes, grey, off whites, etc. wear something neutral and elegant.

· Pair your outfit with sneakers or other shoes that go with the outfit, avoid wearing sandals and also include a watch.

· Don’t forget to carry your confidence and smile.