You know the of flushed cheeks, the butterflies in your stomach, the heart pulsating quicker and when this happens, it is only because you have deep feelings of attraction towards someone. Liking somebody is both superb and nerve-wracking at the same time. Be that as it may, is it actually good to have a crush on someone? As indicated by science, crushes are carved deep inside our heart, coming from a portion of our mind called the limbic part. This zone of the mind isn’t only liable for keeping your heart pulsating and your lungs breathing, it likewise desires dopamine which is the compound in the cerebrum that controls happiness and pleasure. It is likewise the piece of our brain answerable for illicit drug use.

Here are the advantages of having a crush on someone: –

  • They make you feel alive – When we have a crush on someone, almost everything we do in our day-to-day life is for them. Right from working hard to impress them to stay neat and tidy so that they like you, we live our life fro them. We feel energetic and fulfilled all day.
  • They help us get positive thoughts – When we think or rather dream about being with our crush, we only think about the positive things. We dream of being together and becoming successful along with them. This greatly helps us to be positive in our life.
  • Crushes help us figure out what we want – Once we get a crush on someone, even if we are lazy in our life, we start working to make things better in our life. We plan our future and make our mind clear about what we want. Since it is for our crush, we start improving our life.
  • Minor happy moments – If your crush smiles back at you, it makes you immensely happy and satisfied. Depending on the type of activities they do for you or with you, your happiness amplifies. Even if you just get to see them once, it makes you happy and delighted.
  • You could feel less lonely – Having a crush doesn’t mean you are in a relationship, yet it manages to make you feel less lonely. You get a special someone in your life on whom you can spend some efforts and be happy for them.

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