Many couples appear to find sex during pregnancy to be a difficult subject. Some pregnant women may feel compelled to perform the act, while others would prefer to have intercourse far more frequently than before. Men with a pregnant wife are more likely to experience strange sensations about sex. Why? Some people are just not attracted to their pregnant partner (which is a tragedy! ), but many others are concerned that sex will harm their baby or that making love to their partner while she is pregnant is morally incorrect.

When should you avoid sex during pregnancy?

Some medical issues make sex inappropriate. Unexplained bleeding, spotting, or cramping during the first trimester of pregnancy may prompt your doctor to advise you to refrain from having sex. An inflamed cervix might cause this bleeding in some situations. Unfortunately, it might also indicate the possibility of a miscarriage.

If you’re pregnant and have a STI, you should be getting treatment right away. If you have unprotected sex with your partner, you run the risk of reinfecting each other; this isn’t a wise choice. Consult your doctor to see if condoms are a viable option.

Finally, if sex doesn’t feel right during pregnancy, you should avoid it. During sexual intercourse, some women report strange sensations in the vaginal or abdominal areas, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy. Backaches are another prevalent ailment that can seriously disrupt your sex life. Take a break from sex until your baby is born if it aches it is because your pregnant body hurts in general. Strange aches should be mentioned to your healthcare professional, since they may be relevant.

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