Expectations in a relationship are frequently blamed for dissatisfaction, conflict, and separation. They’re also an unavoidable component of being attached to someone else. They’re not always a bad thing, contrary to popular assumption. If you know how to distinguish between realistic and unrealistic expectations, convey them effectively, and don’t set them in stone, your relationship could actually prosper.

In any relationship, the process of defining expectations must always start with yourself. You must be very confident about these things before you begin setting down the ground rules for your spouse about what works and what doesn’t. Take some time to think about it.

Here are some ways to set realistic relationship expectations

1. Make your point distinct

Subtlety isn’t the same as throwing cryptic hints. In a relationship, you must establish rules and expectations, as well as be clear and loud about your desires. Giving clues and being vague will not assist; instead, be absolutely specific.

2. Do it in a subtle way

You can’t just deliver your spouse a list of expectations and say, “This is what I anticipate from this relationship.” That simply isn’t the case. Instead, underline what’s vital to you so that they understand what you’re looking for.

3. Make it a joint effort

Expectations are a two-way street, so make sure you and your spouse both feel heard and understood. Working together to create expectations is a terrific way to accomplish this.

Discuss what is and is not acceptable, how much you’re both prepared to compromise, where you see the relationship going, and anything else that pertains to your dynamics.

4. Maintain an open mind

It’s critical to retain an open mind when discussing relationship norms and expectations. You and your partner are two distinct individuals with separate personalities. It’s only normal that your thoughts will not always align. It’s quite fine if you hold opposing viewpoints on some issues.

Keep an open mind and listen to comprehend rather than to refute their point of view. Then, work together to create a compromise that is acceptable to both of you.

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