Homeostatic pressure or also known as sleep pressure is a build-up of sleep need over time and it builds in newborns very quickly and eventually lessens as the baby grows and develops.

You need to observe the natural biological patterns of your baby with respect to sleep and hunger.
It is recommended to feed the baby when she is awake, which is either right after waking up or before she is ready for sleep.

Here are some ways to keep a baby awake during feeding.

1. Keep the lights on while feeding

It is suggested to feed the baby in a well-light room or else the darkness will signal the baby’s body to sleep.

2. Avoid warm things

Make sure to remove the baby from her swaddle or sleep sack or even the pajamas before you feed her. Providing warmth and snuggle for the baby makes the baby comfortable for sleeping and hence you need to expose her feet and chest to the air to keep her awake while feeding.

3. Keep moving the baby

While feeding, if the baby feels drowsy then remove the bottle or slowly unlatch her. Change her position to wake her. Move your baby around and to keep her on alert, burp her. To keep her awake, you can also gently blow on her cheeks or forehead, stroke her feet and even change her diaper.

4. Keep the surrounding noisy

Ensure that the surrounding is calm and not over stimulating while feeding. Either play soft music in the background or you can even bond with her by talking to her.
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