Friends play an important part in one’s social life. It is therefore important to have a good friend circle. Here are a few things to see if you are with the right set of friends.

1) Being in a good friend circle means that you can express what you feel without fearing that you will be ignored and not heard. Good friends are those who lend an ear whenever you need them, be it venting out the work-related stress or problems at home or anything else.

2) Remember, good friends always have your best interest at heart. Whenever they give you advice or solutions, they might not sometimes match with your opinions and that is okay, what matters is if they have their best interest at heart. A good friend would care more about having your back than sugarcoat you with things that you wish to hear.

3) A good friend circle is where you don’t feel left out. You feel lively and enjoy their company. They include you in everything and ensure to make you a part of everything. You enjoy their company and look forward to catching up with your group.

4) No matter what life throws at you, if you have a good set of friends it won’t seem that unbearable. That is why having a supportive set of friends is extremely important. A good friend circle will be supportive of you. They will support every life decision even if they might not agree with it. But because it is important to you, they will support you to the fullest.

5) A good friend circle checks in on you. They take time out to find out if you are doing okay. At the same time, they know how to give you space and aren’t intrusive.

6) The little things in life are to be celebrated too. A good friend circle will celebrate each small achievement and victory and make you feel proud of it. At the same time, a good friend circle will have your back when you face a major setback in life.

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