He never calls when he says he will.

Granted, I understand that occasionally life gets in the way, and if he’s working late on that major project with a looming deadline, time may get away from him once in a while. However, if this occurs more than once or twice, it is a solid sign that you are not a priority for him right now. If a guy is serious about starting (or continuing) a meaningful relationship with you, he will keep you in mind and will not forget to call.

He never shows up when you have plans to see him.

Ladies, getting stood up is a “one strike and you’re out” crime unless he was comatose in a hospital somewhere. There is no valid explanation for this, and if you continue with him after such a manoeuvre, you will be in for a very bumpy emotional journey that is nearly certain to end horribly. Because cell phone reception is so good these days, this one is unacceptable.

He has limits on how often he can see you.

It’s one thing to have the boys’ “Wednesday Poker Night,” or anything along those lines, but if he’s only willing to get together every other weekend, that’s a sure clue he’s still looking for something better.

He does not celebrate the holidays with you.

I understand that there are times when a divorced man wants to spend time with his children at a family holiday gathering, but even then, he can make time for you before or after his family time. Everyone understands how important holidays are to us women, and if he doesn’t, it’s a symptom of other problems. If he’s only going on a surf trip to Bali with his friends around the holidays because it’s less crowded, and you’re not invited, you’re plainly a low priority to him.

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