Every relationship requires intimacy. Just like how communication is the key to solving issues similarly, intimacy is the key to decreasing the distance between two people. It is what keeps the romance alive in you and your partner. It is also essential to maintain good health in the relationship. Not only physical intimacy but there are different types of intimacy important in a relationship.

1) Physical Intimacy: This is the primary intimacy a couple should have between them. It is about the touch and closeness with your partner. It includes cuddling, kissing, holding hands, and sex. However, it is not necessary to have physical intimacy before you are very sure.

2) Mental And Emotional Intimacy: Intimacy is often considered as physical touch, but it is important to have emotional and mental intimacy. This helps two people to understand each other and be there when needed. However, it takes time to build this intimacy.

3) Spiritual Intimacy: As the word suggests, it gives you peace and calmness. However, to have spiritual intimacy means your partner needs to share common beliefs, and this helps to improve your bond.

4) Intellectual And Experimental Intimacy: Intellectual intimacy is basically that you and your partner understand each other beyond societal norms and limitations. On the other hand, Experimental intimacy is to try new wonders about your relationship and find comfort with each other.

5)Creative Intimacy: When you feel that your relationship is losing the spark, it is time to hype up your creative intimacy. Let your brain bring new ideas to remind your partner about love and affection.